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Bebek Bengil Bali Restaurant Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary Bebek Bengil Bali Restaurant’s 30th Anniversary (PHOTO: Bebek Bengil Bali)

TIMESMAGETAN, GIANYARBebek Bengil Bali Restaurant keeps on giving its best effort to provide its best service in culinary. It is the celebration of Bebek Bengil Bali Restaurant’s 30th Anniversary in the culinary world in Bali, which celebrated on 10 February 2020 with the theme of “New Spirit”.

Different from the celebration in the previous year, this year Bebek Bengil organized an event for the employees as well, including a green walk around the area of Ubud while also collecting trash scattered around Padang Tegal highway, Ubud. The event also included fun games such as sack race competition, crackers eating competition, and the “Got Talent” show.

The celebration continues with several entertainments such as music show and Balinese traditional dance, “Bondres”, and closed with the rice-cone (tumpeng) cutting ceremony by the owners of Bebek Bengil and the guests.

The owner of Bebek Bengil also organized a lottery for the guests with the grand prize of a motorcycle. This lottery was made as a form of appreciation for the employees’ hard work and high dedication.

Every year, this restaurant also gives a special gift as a form of gratitude for tour agents in Bali by treating them in the restaurant. This treat is given annually on the anniversary of Bebek Bengil.

This year, the grand prize was given to I Nyoman Budiartha, a freelance driver in Bali. He achieved the record of a person who brought the most guests to the Bebek Bengil Restaurant this year.

“The 30th anniversary of Bebek Bengil Bali Restaurant marks an important point in the history of culinary in Bali. This is a great achievement for us, and we are proud of it,” said Anak Agung Raka Sueni, the founder of Bebek Bengil.

As one of the pioneer restaurants since 1990 and the first restaurant to serve the “Crispy Duck” on the menu in Bali. Bebek Bengil Restaurant or Dirty Duck Diner Restaurant commits to uphold their purpose; serving the best Balinese foods and services with a touch of traditional culture, but also able to fulfill the needs of modern guests. (*)

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