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5 Things Happened to Your Body when You Drink Coke Illustration. (Picture by: lifestyle.okezone.com)

TIMESMAGETAN, JAKARTA – Lebaran is on the way, and surely there will be lots of cookies and drinks served for you as their guest of honor on everyone's houses you visit. However eventhough its Lebaran or Eid al-Fitr, keep maintaining to always try choosing the healthy one. One of them by avoiding to drink coke.

Yes, coke could give some bad effect to your body. Taken from CNN here are some harmful effect of coke.

1. High in Sugar

According to Wellness you could find around 10 tea spoons of sugar in a can of coke. Sugar are very addictive leading to another set of diseases like diabetes, seizure, sclerosis, brain tumor, and emotional health.

2. Dehydrated

Coke could get you dehydrated for it's high level of sugar, sodium, and caffeine in it. It will make your throat feel like dry and burned. And surely you dont want to have this feeling.

3. Occasionally goes to toilet much

The artificial sweetener could lead you to an annoying effect like going to toilet more than you need. It could even lead to a kidney failure.

4. Teeth and Bone Damage

The pH level of Coke is 3.2 which are quite high. This pH level decides the acidic nature of a liquid. Hence these beverages are acidic in nature and can dissolve bones and enamels very quickly.

5. Calcium are hardly absorbed

Coke could also make the calcium you consume hardly being absorbed by your body. It will also ruin your body system in taking some nutrition. Then, people will easily got osteoporosis and bone caries. (*)

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