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The Exotic and Wonderful Cap of Rinjani Mountain The natural phenomenon: Rinjani Mountain was covered by cloud which looks like cap on top of it. (Source: Twitter @suryadelalu)

TIMESMAGETAN, LOMBOK – The Rinjani Mountain which is located in Lombak West Nusa Tenggara just had some phenomenal phenomenon. A huge cloud covering the top of the mountain as it was a cap for the gigantic mountain.

"Its beautiful. So wonderful. The cloud was so white and clean and perfectly cap shaped. It could even change its color sometimes, so wonderful," Rosidin, a local citizen said on Antara.

The cloud covered the mountain for about 2,5 hours. Lots of people take some benefit of the phenomenon to take some selfie. According to Risidin the Sembalun Lawang rest area was crowded with people who would like to take some selfie or just admiring its beauty by that time.

According to the manager of the Mount Rinjani National Park this phenomenon had happened before around May 2009 and September 2018. However, the cap was not perfectly shaped that time.

Still according to them, the shape of the cap covering the Rinjani was made by the wind circulation that circling around the mountain. However, there were no red sign towards the hikers during the phenomenon. The activity goes like it used to for the local community or the tourist. (*)

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